How can I make the best home for my cat?

Make your house a cosy, comfortable home for your cat, start by making some simple changes.

To ensure the comfort and well-being of your cat, organise your home so she can exercise her natural behaviours in the best way possible. For example, it is important to create separate areas for different activities and to avoid the ‘all in one’ space where food bowls, litter tray and sleeping area are all concentrated.

Put her litter tray and food bowls in quiet, but easily accessible locations apart from one another. Including a scratching post at one of these areas is essential to allow her to mark her territory. Make sure that the post is easily visible and accessible.

Don’t forget that your cat likes to vary her resting places according to her mood. So rather than just one bed, place pillows and blankets in various places that she seems to like.

A Stimulating Environment

Your cat's home should be a cosy retreat, but it should also be stimulating and interesting at the same time. Your cat needs to keep active, for everyone's comfort - a restless cat can be prone to behavioural problems.

Bring out her inquisitive side by occasionally adding something new to her environment; a cardboard box, an unmade bed, a new hiding place etc. Cats like heights too, so try giving her new access points to different places high up in the room.

You can also encourage her predatory behaviour through an interactive food dispenser. Fill it with kibbles and watch her work out how to play the game. Finally, set aside time to play and interact with her. It will strengthen your relationship with her, while keeping her healthy and happy in her home.

1 to 2 m - this is the minimum recommended distance between your cat's food, bedding and litter tray.
The risk of hairball formation can be lowered by choosing a special diet for your cat.