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How to keep your cat happy and healthy

Choosing the Right Diet for Your Cat

Feeding Your Cat and Getting the Balance Right

As a cat lover, you’ll want your furry friend to lead a long, healthy, happy and active life. One of the best ways to achieve this is by making sure your cat’s diet has the right balance of the five major nutrient groups: protein, fats & oils, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.
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Feeding Your Indoor Cat

As indoor cats don’t have the same opportunities to exercise as their outdoor counterparts, it can be tougher for them to keep trim.

What Do Cats Drink? Common Milk Myths Dispelled

Cats should only really drink one thing to stay hydrated - water. Despite popular belief, milk is not good for cats and it’s best to steer clear of dairy. Find out why milk is bad for cats and more with our guide.

Why Purina Offers a Wide Range of Cat Food

We care as much about cats as you do, and we know that you want the best for your feline friend. When we develop our cat foods, we spend a lot of time talking to cat lovers and they remind us time and time again that each pet is unique in their own way.

Snacks and Treats for Your Cat

As a cat-lover, you’ll know how tempting it can be to give your furry friend treats and titbits to eat alongside their main meals.

What Do Cats Eat?

Cats can be quite tricky when it comes to food with some happily eating anything and others turning their noses up at everything. Read our article on what cats should eat and what they need in their diet to ensure they’re healthy and happy.

My Cat Is Not Eating: An Owner’s Guide to Fussy Eating Cats

Cats are known for being proud and particular pets, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to what they eat! Like us, each cat will have their own favourite food and flavours, so fussy eating cats might turn their nose up at something that doesn’t tantalise their taste buds.

Choosing a Water Bowl for Your Cat

If your cat is fussy about water, it might be time to find a new water bowl. There are lots of different options out there, so with a little research, you’ll be able to find the ideal bowl for your pet.

Feeding Your Adult Cat

Once your cat has reached their first birthday, it’s time to think about a regular cat feeding routine. As they change from a playful kitten to a full-grown adult cat, it’s important to make sure they have all the right nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy.