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How to keep your cat happy and healthy

Cat Exercise and Weight Management

Videos for Cats to Watch

Bring some excitement into your pet’s life with these videos for cats including the all-time favourite mice, birds and squirrels. Don’t be surprised if your cat can’t help but press the subscribe button.
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Purina Body Condition Tool for Cats

Playing with your cat is one of the most enjoyable things about owning one, and it’s very important for their health, from kittenhood right through to old age. Play encourages your cat to be active, keep supple and maintain a good body condition. Even better, playing is a great cat exercise that helps encourage them to express their natural hunting instincts.


Help Your Cat Lose Weight: Case Studies

Most cats enjoy treats almost as much as they love a good snooze, but unfortunately what they want isn’t always good for them!


The Cat Health Check Guide

To help your cat stay as healthy and happy as possible, Purina recommends giving them a regular check to assess their body condition score. This score gives you lots of clues about your cat’s weight and health.

Kitten Play & Toys

Playing with your little kitten is an invaluable part of your relationship with them. What’s more, playing on a daily basis helps both of you stay physically and emotionally healthy – what more excuse do you need?
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Is Your Cat Overweight?

Just like us, cats can put on a few extra pounds, especially as they get older and become less active, or if they spend every day indoors. It’s important to prevent your cat from putting on too much weight, as overweight cats can face many health implications that can prevent them from enjoying a happy and healthy lifestyle.