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Symptoms to watch out for in your cat

Cat drinking from tap

Why is your cat drinking lots of water?

When the weather gets warmer, your cat will probably want to drink more water. However, on occasion, if your cat is drinking a lot it may signal an underlying problem. Read on to find out about your cat’s water intake, and how to spot any problems.

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Cat scratching outdoors

Fleas on Your Cat

Cat fleas are very normal, and they’re the most common reason for a cat to develop a skin problem.

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Vet examining cat ears

Cat ear problems

Cat ears – just like ours – are sensitive things, and should always be handled with care. Your cat’s ears should always be clean, with no thick brown or green waxy discharge, and there shouldn’t be any redness, itchiness or unusual smells.

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Outdoor cat stretching

Ticks on Your Cat

Ticks can be a painful problem that your cat may have to face. Find out how to prevent and treat cat ticks below.

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Kitten lying down on cat tree

Fleas and ticks on your cat

Fleas are extremely common, and they’re the most common reason for a cat to develop a skin problem.

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Girl reading with cat

Food allergies in cats

True allergies are thankfully very rare in cats, and can often be confused with the more common (and less severe) food intolerances. Learn how to spot if your cat has an allergy, and what you can do to get them back to their happy and healthy selves again.

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Unusual cat health symptoms to watch out for

We understand that as a loving cat owner, you want your pet to be as happy and healthy as possible. As cats can’t tell us what’s wrong when they don’t feel well, it can be difficult to know when they might need help.

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Grooming cat

Hair loss in cats

Have you gone to give your cat a loving stroke and felt that their fur isn’t as thick as it usually is, or have noticed that there’s a bald patch on your cat? There are a number of reasons why your cat could be losing their fur and it’s always important to get your vet to take a closer look to solve the problem of hair loss in cats.

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Ginger cat paying a visit to the vet.

Cat Flu Facts

Flu in cats can be just like human flu: symptoms include a runny nose and achy muscles, and plenty of TLC is needed for recovery. Learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of flu and how it can be treated.

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Cat looking out window

Cat skin problems and cat health

Your cat’s skin is a good general indicator of their health. It should be pink or black (depending on the breed) and their coat should be smooth and shiny.

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Cat taking it easy

Kidney problems in cats

Cat's kidneys play several important roles in keeping your pet healthy including removing toxins, maintaining their blood pressure and helping to produce hormones for new red blood cells. With so much to do, it’s perhaps not surprising that as cats get older, it’s quite common for their kidneys to wear out after working so hard.

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kitten playing with toilet paper

Urinary tract health in cats

If you’ve noticed that your pet is having problems going to the toilet, it may be down to Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). This is a broad term that’s used to describe a number of urinary tract conditions that affect cats’ bladders and urethras.

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Cat outside

Diabetes in cats

Your cat loves to run about, climb, pounce on toys and go exploring all day long – and this doesn’t have to change even if they are diagnosed with cat diabetes.

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