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Got a question about Eco Delivery?

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What type of tree is being planted?
This depends entirely on the project location. Our partners only ever plant indigenous tree species and will plant a small percentage of agroforestry trees too, to provide communities with additional food and income sources.

Where is the forest?
Our current projects are Kenya (where we have a designated site), Haiti, and Madagascar. 

Will there be regular follow up material to show customers who have brought the tree on the progress?
Upon planting a certificate is generated on the platform. Progress updates on an individual consumer's tree aren't logistically possible. However, as part of our marketing, we will provide project updates and information.

How much carbon does a tree offset?
One tree offsets an estimated 0.3t of CO2 over its growth life (25-years). Other benefits of trees planted include poverty alleviation, biodiversity support, soil filtration, flood defences, and economic income.