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How should I store my pet's food?

How you store your pet food is im-paw-tant! Learn how here.   

To help maintain your pet foods freshness, it is recommended that you store the products in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, sun and heat.  

For Dry Pet Food  

Once opened, we recommend keeping the packaging as airtight as possible in between meals to help maintain optimal freshness.  

Some pet owners choose to decant their pets food into a storage container. If this is your preferred method, remember to wash the storage container regularly and avoid mixing multiple packs of pet food into one container. It is also best to keep the products outer packing to hand should you need it.  

For Wet Pet Food  

Once opened, keep the packaging as airtight as possible and pop in the fridge to be consumed within 24-48 hours.    

Don’t forget to also look out for ‘use-by’ dates on your pet food packaging and do not offer out of date products to your pet.