Dog Training and Behaviour

dog training

How to understand and influence your dog's behaviour

Canine Perspective

Lockdown Coping Mechanisms for You and Your Dog

When we’re looking for coping mechanisms, we have to remember the basics; exactly what we do for our dogs; water, regular meal times, exercise, enrichment, rest… and kindness.
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Enriching You and Your Dog’s Life

Making sure your dog has an outlet for their natural behaviours is something you need to be aware of as a dog owner, but when was the last time you thought about this for yourself? Like dogs, we as humans need enrichment in our lives too. Find out how to enhance both you and your dog’s life with Purina and Canine Perspective.
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Is Just Loving Your Dog Enough?

When we see a dog, our brain produces positive emotions and we don’t think twice before declaring our undying love, but how do we show our dogs this? Find out how to show your dog you love them with Luna.
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New Year’s Resolutions: A Dog’s Perspective

We’ve all promised ourselves, “new year, new me” and set ourselves massive goals, but often these resolutions get abandoned within the first week of January. Find out how to achieve your 2020 goals with the adorable Luna, as your guide.
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