Dog breeds

Caring for each and every dog type

Learn about the different types of dog breed

Dog and owner in the park

Choosing the right dog for you

Just as feeding your dog the right diet is vital to helping them to stay healthy and energetic, giving them the emotional nourishment they need is vital to helping them to stay happy!

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Side view of toy dog

Toy dogs

Toy dogs are very small, but they make wonderful companions. Toy dogs love spending time with their owner, often forming close bonds with one person and rewarding them with loyalty, friendship, and quite a lot of fun on the way!

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Spitz headshot

Keeping your spitz dog happy

Spitz dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but they can be characterised by a fluffy coat, confident nature and a love of lots of cuddles.

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Brown dog and owner

Keeping your gun dog happy

Gun dogs are bright, happy and responsive dogs that can usually be easily-trained and make fantastic family pets.

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Dog playing

Caring for scent hounds

Scent Hounds, as their name suggests, love to follow scent trails even over long distances. They love searching for things as part of their playtime, and with their impressive stamina they’re the perfect companion for long walks.

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Livestock Protection dog

Livestock protection dogs and their care

Livestock Protection dogs - also known as livestock guardian dogs - are independent, laid-back and full of stamina. They love all kinds of weather and like to keep an eye out for you and your family, no matter where you are.

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Brown Dachshund standing with tongue out

Terrier and dachshund care

Terriers and Dachshunds are unique pets that love to run around, explore, give chase and dig holes – they may be small, but they have a lot of affection and a terrific tackle-anything attitude!

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Black and white Border Collie sitting with tongue out

Caring for herding dogs

Herding dogs are full of energy and love to be out and about, no matter what the weather. They enjoy being trained by you and playing fun games – but how can you make sure this special breed is happy and fulfilled?

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Sighthounds dog

Caring for sighthounds

Sighthounds are playful, high speed sprinters who love to chase and, as their name suggests, hunt by sight rather than through their noses! If you have a sighthound, allowing them to exercise their natural instincts is an important part of their unique care.

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