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Top 18 Blue Dog Breeds You Need to Know About

Top 18 Blue Dog Breeds You Need to Know About

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If you’re looking to adopt or get yourself a new furry friend, blue dog breeds are one of the most gorgeous-looking pups out there! Blue dogs can belong to many different breeds, as the ‘blue’ refers to their coat colour. We’ve got a list of blue dog breeds for you to take a look at so you can pick your favourite! 

What are blue dog breeds?

Blue dogs don’t actually have a blue coat. They usually have gorgeous icy or silvery-grey fur with shades that go from a light grey all the way to a deeper, steely hue. Many of their noses have a blue shine to them which emphasises the blue sheen to their coats!   

Blue dog coat patterns

Here are the coat patterns that blue dogs might have: 

  • Bluetick 

The blue tick coat pattern has blue flecks or ticks over a base colour of black or white. It may even appear navy blue in some lights. These blue dogs will have a black nose. 

  • Blue merle 

Dogs that are described as blue merle have a marbled or dappled effect on their coats. Believe it or not they are actually black dogs that have part of their coat colour diluted! Part of the coat remains black, in random spots and the rest is a paler blue-grey colour. Sometimes, these blue dogs will have blue eyes but always a black nose. 

  • Blue with progressive silvering 

These pups will be born black and always have a black nose. As they get older, however, their coats change to blue-grey shading.  

  • Blue dilute 

Some dogs may have a gene for colour dilution. When a dog has two copies of the gene, black dogs will appear blue. These dogs normally has grey paw pads and a grey nose. 

Blue dog breeds you’ll adore straightaway

Now that you know what a blue dog breed is, we’ve got some super cute examples below. 

Blue Lacy 

Blue Lacys originate from Texas and are very rare in the UK. They are medium-sized canines with short blue hair. Their coats are easy to manage and they don’t shed too much. These blue dogs are working dogs so need plenty of exercise to burn off their excess energy.  

Great Dane 

Known for its huge size, Great Danes are gentle giants and some have pretty blue coats. Of all colours that Great Danes come in, harlequin and blue are the two least common and the most difficult to predict and therefore breed. 

Kerry Blue Terrier 

With medium-length fur and a gorgeous, curly blue coat, the Kerry Blue Terrier loves to run around and be active. Their coat is soft and dense and although they’re low shedding, they do need a lot of dog grooming. Keep their blue coat looking its best with daily brushing, plus trimming and bathing every four to six weeks. 

Neapolitan Mastiff 

The Neapolitan Mastiff has a unique build: droopy eyes, sagging jowls and a huge body, covered in a blue coat. This dog breed is usually one colour all over, blue being one of the most popular shades.  

Australian Cattle dog 

Also known as the ‘Blue Heeler’, the Australian Cattle dog has a blue coat that also has white and tan on it. Blue and white are their primary coat colours but can come in a merle or mottled pattern. Blue Heelers usually have a black patch or a mask on one or both eyes. Their head might have blue or black markings, which are evenly distributed. 

Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog 

Similar to our previous furry friend, the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog originates from Australia, and is also sometimes known as a ‘Heeler’. Their tail is short and some carry the gene for a Natural Bob Tail, and it is this that gives them their adorable name. Their coats are a mixture of many colours including blue, white, and tan. 


True blue Poodles are an ashy blue, lighter than black but darker than grey. It’s easy to confuse poodles with black coats for blue coats, as the black fades as they get older. You’ll be able to tell if they’re a black-coated pup as they are born completely black! 


Although most Chow-Chows have cream or brown coats, blue Chow-Chows exist too! The blue version of this fluffy and independent dog breed has a blue tongue to match their interesting coat. 

Irish Wolfhound 

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest breeds – they’re gigantic dogs with rough, blue coats which usually have white or grey mixed in. Regular dog grooming is essential to keep their coats smooth and tangle-free. 

Italian Greyhound 

With short, sheer coats that hardly shed, the Italian Greyhound has a beautiful blue coat. Because their coats are sheer, they might need an extra layer or two in colder climates. Although this covers their pretty blue coats, it keeps them lovely and warm! 

Thai Ridgeback 

Thai Ridgebacks are another big dog breed who have a very loyal nature. They are very  muscular, and have short, sleek coats that come in black, fawn and red as well as blue. They originate from Thailand and are very rare in the UK. 


Beagles commonly have a black, tan and white tricolour coat. Blue, tan and white is a less common coat colouration. Their coats are short and sheer, which makes them easy to groom and maintain. 

American Staffordshire Terrier 

The American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as Staffies, need firm and positive training. Once they’re trained properly, it’s even easier to love their blue coats. You’ll be able to find any shade of blue, from solid blue to blue brindles. 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Also known as a ‘Staffy’, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier comes in many different coat colours including a beautiful blue,to cover their powerful muscles. With proper training and early socialisation they can make a suitable pet, and everyone can enjoy looking at their stunning blue coats. 


Did you know that Weimaraners come in blue as well as grey? Although the blue version of this dog breed is not recognised by the Kennel Club, we can still enjoy their gorgeous blue coats! 


Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Shepherd dogs are sweet and affectionate pooches with a distinct blue merle pattern on their coats. These devoted canines are herding dogs with blue eyes to match their coats (although some can have dark eyes too). 


Very similar to the Italian Greyhound, Whippets may have a gorgeous blue coat. These canines are a relatively small breed and are usually low-maintenance pups


Made up of a multitude of folds and wrinkles, Shar-Peis are intelligent, stubborn and come in blue, cream or brown. These pups have dense coats and need to be well-groomed regularly to keep their blue coat nice and smooth.