Getting a new dog

Learning to care for your new dog

Retriever outside with owner

Dog neutering and spaying FAQs

Bringing a mischievous bundle of fur home is so much fun. When you’re teaching your puppy to sit and tickling their tummy, it’s unlikely that the thought of them having their own litter will even cross your mind.

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Dog and owner

Advice on insuring your dog

Dogs bring a lot of joy into our lives, but when they fall ill it’s all too easy to worry about the cost of treatment. That’s where dog insurance comes in! We’re here to help you find the right policy for you and your pet.

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New Zealand sheep dog found sitting in long grass

Microchipping your dog

Your dog will always do their best to love and protect you, and you can do the same by having them microchipped. Microchipping dogs means that should they ever go missing, you are giving them the best chance of being found and safely returned to you as soon as possible – even if it is with a guilty look on their face and their tail between their legs!

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Woman taking care of dog

Dog sitting and dog day care

Your dog loves spending time with you just as much as you like having them around, but there may be occasions when your best friend can’t join you.

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Dog at the vets getting a vaccination

Vaccinations for Dogs and Puppies

As a loving dog owner you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your beloved pet protected from potentially life-threatening diseases. That’s why it’s so important you keep your dog’s vaccinations up-to-date. Not only will you protect your own dog, but you’ll stop them passing on illnesses to other dogs.

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