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The Top 30 Male Cat Names Your Cat Will Love

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Choosing the perfect cat name for your furry friend can be a difficult choice. If you're struggling to get inspired with your feline's new moniker, check out our list of top male cat names.

Coming up with the perfect cat name that suits your furry companion can be quite a challenge. The moniker needs to be one that fits them throughout their life and one you don't mind yelling when it comes to their dinner time!

Whether you've just got a new kitten or have rehomed one from a rescue centre, we've got male cat names to suit both young and senior felines alike. Keep reading to discover our top purrfect male cat names.

Male cat names

1. Smoky

This cat name is the perfect option for a Russian Blue or as a grey cat name as it pays tribute to their wonderfully smoky hue.

2. Oreo

If you're looking for a male cat name for a black and white cat, Oreo could be the perfect fit. Taking the name from the delicious biscuit, this is a name that'll fit your adorable kitty throughout his life.

3. Monty

This wonderfully versatile cat name suits kitties of all hues and breeds. Usually a diminutive of Montague or Montgomery, the name is actually French for 'pointy hill'! We think it's best for cats with a posh personality.

4. Pumpkin

This male cat name isn't just a winter squash, but it's also a common British term of endearment. Consider Pumpkin for a ginger cat that shares the eye-catching orange colouring.

5. Prince

It's no secret that our cats are the royal kings and queens of our home, so why not give them a name fit for a king or, well prince? Prince is a great name for the artistocat in your life and one that they're sure to appreciate.

6. Dexter

Dexter is a super popular male cat name. That's probably due to the Showtime TV series of the same name. Although the character in the show has homicidal tendencies, it makes a very adorable name for cats, and some enjoy the irony if they have pets which are particularly good at hunting.

7. Gizmo

This cute male cat name comes from the iconic 1984 film, Gremlins. If you have a fluffy cat with brown and white or tortoiseshell colouring, Gizmo would make a great name. Just don't feed them after midnight!

8. Merlin

Merlin is a mystical cat name which suits cats of all colours and breeds. The name hails from Wales and means 'sea fortress', but was popularised by the wizard that was King Arthur's guide and helper.

9. Cosmo

If your kitty is quite literally out of this world, Cosmo would make a perfect name. It's wonderfully suited as a black or white cat name, as these colours look like they've been freshly picked out of the night sky.

10. Ziggy

David Bowie fans will adore the male cat name Ziggy. Known worldwide as the glam alter ego for the iconic singer and actor, Ziggy is a name that's both fabulous and adorable, making it perfect for our four-legged friends.

10 Unique male cat names

Our feline friends are all unique in their own personalities and behaviours. That is why many owners want to give them special names that really allow their personalities to shine through. Here are some of the most popular unique cat names out there. 

  1. Bryer
  2. Bugatti 
  3. Caleb 
  4. Crookshanks 
  5. Frodo 
  6. Gandalf
  7. Hedwig 
  8. Nermal 
  9. Nimbus
  10. Sulley 

10 male cat names for the adventurous felines

Cats love a good adventure, and can sometimes get themselves into funny situations whilst out and about! These names are perfect for the inquisitive feline in your life. 

  1. Arrow 
  2. Claude 
  3. Compass 
  4. Fang 
  5. Poirot
  6. Scrappers
  7. Scratches 
  8. Sherlock 
  9. Sniper  
  10. Stitches 

That's our best male cat names! Did your favourite name make the list? Or do you prefer something a little more unusual? Whatever the case, we're sure you'll pick the perfect cat name to suit both their looks and personality.

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