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Top 10 Fun Cat Names
Big cat in the grass - Hero

50 Of the Best Big Cat Names

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Choosing the best name for a new feline friend is not always easy. You’d want something that’s unique and suits your cat very well. If you recently became the owner of a big cat, like a Bengal, or a Maine Coon, we have some big cat names for you to consider. 

There’s no right or wrong when picking a cat name and with the plethora of name options out there, you’re sure to find the one that’s best. Short or long, funny or not, Disney- or movie-inspired, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the best big cat names and pick the one that’s most suited to your furry friend. 

Top 10 big girl cat names 

Big cats can be intimidating, but loving and friendly as well. So, if your girl cat can pack a bit of sassiness at times and has the attitude of a royal, here are some name options you can keep in mind: 

  1. Rebel 
  2. Storm 
  3. Cheetah 
  4. Puma 
  5. Duchess 
  6. Cleopatra 
  7. Queenie 
  8. Diva 
  9. Vixen 
  10. Medusa 

Top 10 big boy cat names 

The following big cat names are perfect for a larger-than-average boy cat whose size is only overshadowed by their personality. From gods to TV characters, here are a few names that can definitely make a statement. 

  1. Zeus 
  2. Rocky 
  3. Shrek 
  4. Thor 
  5. Rambo 
  6. Kong 
  7. Bear 
  8. Heathcliff 
  9. Hercules 
  10. Goliath 

10 Cartoon big cat names 

Cartoon fans, all aboard! Although technically the following names don’t all belong to big cats, we thought they give off big cat energy so take a look.  

  1. Sergeant Tibbs 
  2. Maleficent 
  3. Mr. Dark 
  4. Rajah 
  5. Mochi 
  6. Duchess 
  7. Napoleon 
  8. Nala 
  9. Captain Amelia 
  10. Zelda 

10 Funny big cat names 

Want a name that can get a few giggles? There’s nothing funnier than choosing an ironic name that plays on your cat’s big size. Check out the following options: 

  1. Big Ben 
  2. Major 
  3. Nugget 
  4. Bubba 
  5. Big Foot 
  6. Blob 
  7. Slim 
  8. Tsunami 
  9. Meatloaf 
  10. Snowball 

10 Big cat names from movies 

From Catbus to Longbottom, there are so many big cat names inspired from movies that can be suitable for your feline friend. Here are our favourites: 

  1. Kitty Galore 
  2. Shuri 
  3. Leia Organa 
  4. Catbus 
  5. Butch 
  6. Carlos  
  7. Mufasa 
  8. Sultan 
  9. Hedwig  
  10. Longbottom 

Your cat deserves only the best, and the name shouldn’t be an exception. We hope you found the right match for them among our list of big cat names, or you at least got some inspiration out of it.

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