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Your Pet, Our Passion.
Cat Breed Selector

Cat Breed Selector

Whether you know the breeds you like or need a bit of guidance, we’re here to help pair you with your ideal four-legged cat friend.

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Are you a novice or seasoned cat owner?

Are you an experienced cat owner?
How much enrichment and playtime are you prepared to do?
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A big softie or a mini tiger, whats your preference?

How active do you want your breed to be?
How sociable would you like your cat to be?
How talkative should your cat be?
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Big or small, smooth or furr-ball, whats your preference?

How would your ideal cat look?
How much grooming are you prepared to do?
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Where will your cat be living?

Will your cat live indoors, outdoors, a bit of both?
Are you looking for a family-friendly cat that will enjoy living with children?
Will your cat ever be left alone?
What type of household will your cat live in?
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