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Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a small/medium-sized, strong, deep-chested scent hound. He has a typical basset-type shape – being longer than he is tall and low to the ground. 

12 – 14 years
15 – 20kg
34 – 38cm
White with lemon, orange, black, sable, tri-colour, or grizzle.
UK Kennel Club Groups
The need-to-know
  • Dog suitable for owners with some experience
  • Extra training required
  • Generally healthy breed
  • Enjoys active walks
  • Enjoys one to two hours of walking a day
  • Medium dog
  • Some drool
  • Requires grooming once a week
  • Chatty and vocal dog
  • Barks and alerts to visitors/anything unusual
  • Generally friendly with other dogs
  • Gets along with other pets with training
  • Great family dog
  • Needs a small garden
  • Can live in semi-rural areas
  • Can be left occasionally with training
Generally healthy breed

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen have long backs and short legs and, like other breeds with this body shape, are likely to suffer from spinal disorders and joint problems as a result of this;
- Intervertebral disc disease: a condition where there is abnormality in the discs which act to cushion the bones in the spine. The discs can dislodge or burst, which puts pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord leading to back pain and weakness or paralysis of the limbs.
- Angular limb deformities: caused by asynchronous growth of a pair of bones, which appear bowed or rotated and may result in pain and lameness.

The breed can also suffer from:
- Glaucoma¹ which is a painful condition where the pressure in the eye builds up  
- Epilepsy² which is a condition where abnormal brain function can lead to seizures which damage the brain 
- Ear infections 

Priority Kennel Club health schemes and testing: 
- DNA test for primary open angle glaucoma which tests whether or not a dog has the potential to be affected by this condition
- Eye screening scheme 

¹P. G. C. Bedford et al, 'Open‐angle glaucoma in the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen' 2017, Veterinary Ophthalmology
²C.H. Gulløv et al, 'Epilepsy in the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen: Prevalence, Semiology, and Clinical Phenotype', 2011, Journal of Internal Veterinary Medicine 


The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen are fun, extrovert dogs who enjoy company, love to be kept active but at the end of the day, often think they are a lapdog! Like most hounds, they can be independent, headstrong and bold, so require an owner with patience, tolerance and a sense of humour, but under all this they are sensitive dogs who are always willing to please. These are dogs who get on well with other dogs, children and strangers - but shouldn’t be trusted with small furries, and while they can live with their own cats with care, they are not always so reliable with unknown cats. 

Did you know?

  • While it was normally the longer-legged hounds that became the favourites of royalty, King Louis XII was a devotee of the breed and had several. 
  • While their name is often shortened to PBGV or even Pee-Bee Gee-Vee, they are also very aptly called The Happy Hound’. 
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