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Poodle (Standard)

The Standard Poodle is a noble, elegant and well-balanced dog, with a slender muzzle and long neck. The famous coat is dense and curly and often styled, but beneath that is a lean, athletic and sporting dog.

12 – 15 years
20 – 32kg
38cm and over
The coat comes in many colours including black, white, blue, grey, silver, brown, apricot and cream
UK Kennel Club Groups
The need-to-know
  • Dogs suitable for experienced owners
  • Extra training required
  • Generally healthy breed
  • Enjoys vigorous walks
  • Enjoys more than two hours of walking a day
  • Large dog
  • Some drool
  • Requires grooming every other day
  • Quiet dog
  • Barks and alerts to visitors/anything unusual
  • Generally friendly with other dogs
  • Gets along with other pets with training
  • Great family dog
  • Needs a large garden
  • Can happily live in the city
  • Can be left occasionally with training
Generally healthy breed

The Standard Poodle breed is prone to:
- Hip dysplasia 
- Gastric dilatation volvulus 
- Progressive retinal atrophy which is an inherited disorder where part of the eye degenerates and wastes away which can result in blindness.
- Von Willebrand's disease which is where a dog produces insufficient or faulty clotting factors which can result in uncontrolled bleeding. 
- Hereditary cataracts which is a condition where the lens in the eye becomes cloudy and this can result in blindness.
- Addison's disease¹ a condition where a dog's body is unable to produce a normal level of natural steroid (called cortisol).
- Intervertebral disc disease a condition where there us abnormality in the discs which act to cushion the bones in the spine.  
- Keratoconjunctivitis sicca³ (dry eye) which is a painful condition where the tear gland stops working properly.
Priority Kennel Club health schemes and testing: 
- Hip dysplasia breeding scheme
- Eye screening scheme

¹A. M. Oberbauer, 'Genetic evaluation of Addison's disease in the Portuguese Water Dog', 2006,  BMC Veterinary Research
²J. H. Rossmeisl, 'Acute adverse events associated with ventral slot decompression in 546 dogs with cervical intervertebral disc disease', Veterinary Surgery 2013
³N. Rees, 'Diploma Case Study: Parotid Duct Transposition for Dry Eye', 1998, Taylor and Francis


Do not underestimate the Standard Poodle, despite gaining a foppish and silly reputation due to the exaggerated hair-cuts of the show dogs, the Standard Poodle is a clever, quick-witted and athletic dog. They are high-spirited and fun loving, make great watch dogs and will adore taking part in any activity their owners choose to indulge in!

Did You Know?

  • Standard Poodles or ‘Spoo’ to their owners, have long been popular with the rich, famous and nobility, from ZsaZsa Gabor to Louis XXII, the glamorous poodle has a host of notable owners.
  • The coat is traditionally clipped into what may seem frivolous or silly shapes, but this was originally done to provide protection and buoyancy to some areas of the body whilst keeping other areas clear to free up movement and avoid matting.
  • Poodle coats can also be twisted and rubbed into long skinny cords, giving the Poodle a very different look. At home the Poodle can have whatever clip you prefer and their coat constantly grows meaning if you don’t like a particular look, you can have another ‘do’ next time round!
  • Standard Poodle’s rank number 2 on the list of most intelligent dog breeds!
  • A team of Poodle’s once competed in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, a gruelling 1,150-mile journey through Alaska’s Arctic tundra. Unfortunately, they had to pull out of the race before the first checkpoint as they weren’t cut out for the extreme weather.
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