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Tibetan Terrier

An attractive, small/medium-sized dog, the Tibetan Terrier has a long, straight or wavy coat and is square-shaped and sturdy.

12 – 14 years
8 – 14kg
36 – 41cm
Any colour except chocolate/liver.
UK Kennel Club Groups
The need-to-know
  • Dog suitable for owners with some experience
  • Extra training required
  • Generally healthy breed
  • Enjoys vigorous walks
  • Enjoys one to two hours of walking a day
  • Small dog
  • Some drool
  • Requires grooming daily
  • Chatty and vocal dog
  • Barks and alerts to visitors/anything unusual
  • Could have issues with unknown dogs but gets along with known dogs
  • Gets along with other pets with training
  • May need additional supervision to live with children
  • Needs a large garden
  • Can happily live in the city
  • Can be left occasionally with training
Generally healthy breed

The Tibetan Terrier  can be prone to:
- Hip dysplasia 
- Primary lens luxation which is a condition where the lens moves from it's normal position in the eye which will result in vision loss and can cause pain.
- Progressive retinal atrophy which is an inherited disorder where part of the eye degenerates and wastes away which can result in blindness.  
- Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis which is a storage disease that can cause nerve cell damage. 
- Diabetes mellitus¹ which is a condition where dogs develop very high sugar levels because they do not produce a normal amount of insulin.
Priority Kennel Club health schemes and testing: 
- Eye screening scheme
- Hip dysplasia screening scheme
- DNA testing for primary lens luxation, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis and progressive retinal atrophy. These test indicate whether or not a dog has the potential to be affected by this condition.

¹B. Catchpole et al, 'Canine diabetes mellitus: from phenotype to genotype', 2008, Journal of Small Animal Practice  


A good-natured, happy and outgoing dog, the Tibetan Terrier is clever, alert and game. While naturally reserved with strangers they are loyal and affectionate to their loved ones and people they call friends. A fun-loving companion, Tibetan Terriers are bouncy, larger-than-life characters and can make super family dogs who are up for long walks and taking part in dog sports. Perhaps due to their histories, they enjoy being on high places - such as window ledges or the backs of sofas. 

Did you know?

While there are very few dogs left in Tibet, in remote areas it is still possible to see Tibetan Terriers working sheep exactly as they have done for centuries.  

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