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With their silver-grey, sleek, short coat, the Weimaraner dog is one of the most outstanding breeds. The tallest of the gundog group, they are graceful with speed, stamina and endurance. There are two varieties: the short-haired and the long-haired, the latter being less common.

11-14 years
Adult males 27kg; females 22.5kg
Adult males stand at 61-69cm, while females are 56-64cm
Predominant colouration is silver grey with shades of mouse or roe-grey being seen
Kennel Club group
The need-to-know
  • Dog suitable for owners with some experience
  • Extra training required
  • Generally healthy breed
  • Enjoys active walks
  • Enjoys more than two hours of walking a day
  • Large dog
  • Some drool
  • Requires grooming once a week
  • Quiet dog
  • Welcomes everyone happily
  • Generally friendly with other dogs
  • May need additional training to live with other pets
  • May need additional supervision to live with children
  • Needs a large garden
  • Can live in semi-rural areas
  • Can be left occasionally with training
Generally healthy breed

The Weimeraner breed can suffer from:
- Hip dysplasia 
- Gastric dilatation volvulus 

Priority Kennel Club health schemes and testing: 
- Hip dysplasia screening scheme


Weimaraners are all-round dogs who love family life. They are friendly and energetic but, with their vigilance, make excellent guard dogs. They are very strong characters so are not the ideal first dog for a novice owner, but if you have experience and can socialise, train and exercise them, they make a very rewarding companion.

Did You Know?

  • The Weimaraner got its name from the Grand Duke Karl August of Weimar, whose court enjoyed hunting and is credited for founding the breed.
  • Often known as the Silver Ghost, the Weimaraner has, in his past, been used for a variety of hunting tasks and became an all-around gundog, although he was originally bred as a pointer. It is said that when hunting, this dog’s instinctive hunting method is to attack the prey’s genitals to bring it down. Interestingly the same instinct is seen in hyenas.
  • The Weimeraner has found fame thanks to American photographer William Wegman, who features the breed extensively in his (sometimes rather bizarre) pictures of his dogs often dressed in human’s clothes.
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