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Say Hello to George, Elvis, Darcey, Fio and Angelica

Bulldog, 9 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
George, Elvis, Darcey, Fio and Angelica was adopted!

My favourite thing about George, Elvis, Darcey, Fio and Angelica is...

Where do I start, they’re cheeky, funny and give the best bum wiggles and Bulldog kisses. They love walking, and exploring and are always happy to meet new people. They make me smile when I’m down, when life is sometimes not going to plan they pick me up. You can feel like you have nothing but have everything with the love of a pet. George is a grumpy old man and just loves to sleep the day away unless the treat jar is being opened he’s never asleep for that, Elvis is obsessed with tennis balls and just running around. Darcey likes to give kisses and try play bitey faces with you, and Fio is a bouncy bulldog puppy and doesn’t know her own strength; trying to knock you over is her best game.

The biggest challenge with George, Elvis, Darcey, Fio and Angelica is...

Getting them to listen!!! They have selective hearing and only seem to like to come to me when I have a treat or open the treat jar!!! They don’t like coming in of an evening so will run in the opposite direction from me 😂

The most surprising thing about owning a Bulldog is...


How people have this misconception of a Bulldog being lazy… they are far from lazy, they’re nonestop; playing, biting, chewing!

What I wish I’d known about Bulldogs is...

They are stubborn, like to not listen and just do whatever they want; they’re very headstrong and like to do what they want when they want! They like to argue back and push their luck. Training from an early age is a must!!

Did you know?

Bulldogs are considered to be the national breed of England, given the country’s great love for them. In World War II propaganda, Bulldogs were used as representative of England, while Dachshunds of Germany, and American Pitbulls of the U.S. 

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