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Say Hello to Charley and Harley

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat), 16 Weeks old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Charley and Harley is...

They are brother and sister and love play fighting and pinching everything that’s left anywhere they can get it. They’re friendly with everyone and love playing with their sister which my daughter bought from the same litter. They’re very happy to visit our kid’s homes and then they decide that they will have a stopover with them.

The biggest challenge with Charley and Harley is...

At the moment they’re still deciding if they should be house trained or if they’ll get away with little accidents in the home, they’re still babies. They don’t like their harness and lead but love running wild up our local glen, curious about sheep as they won’t play with them. Charlie likes the wind , rain and snow as she’s got a longer fur while Harley is a short coat. Beautiful puppies.

The most surprising thing about owning a Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) is...

Between us and our daughter we had 3 puppies from a breeder in Balmoral, we lost our youngest at 8 years and then our oldest one ( she was 9)a few months later and then our daughter lost her long coated one in between our two and she was 9. I’ve never really taken a lot of notice between our recent puppies with being a short coat or a longer coat accept it’s lovely and furry.

What I wish I’d known about Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat) is...

As I said above we’ve not had any problems with one being a long coat and the other one a short coat as they’re both adorable.

Did you know?

Chihuahuas shiver a lot, but that doesn’t always mean they’re cold, they also do it when they’re excited or scared too! 

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