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Meet Jake

Siberian Husky & German Shepherd Dog, 4 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍼 Lives with children
Jake was adopted!

He came from Nicosia Dog Shelter .

My favourite thing about Jake is...

Jake has tried absolutely everything I’ve thrown at him! He’s reactive (he’s a “frustrated-greeter”) so we have thrown ourselves into training (mostly) alone and he tries SO hard. We’ve done obedience, trick training (he’s earned 4 titles!), nosework, agility, gun dog training (he’s earned his Gundog Club grade 1) and Cani cross/weight-pulling/bikejor (work in progress). He’s so much fun to train!

The biggest challenge with Jake is...

His reactivity can be difficult. His confidence had also taken a lot of work to build. When you see his confidence build for a particular skill it is just the most rewarding thing in the world. He now jumps beautifully after initially not even having the confidence to trot over a pole on the ground! And he is starting to work independently very well too.

The most surprising thing about owning a Siberian Husky & German Shepherd Dog is...

He’s not particularly drivey, which isn’t helped by his lack of confidence for new things. He’s also prettt lazy in the house which people might find surprising!

What I wish I’d known about Siberian Huskys & German Shepherd Dogs is...

How versatile he is. I really wanted to try sports that played to his breed strengths but he’s actually done best at nosework and gundog work - which you wouldn’t particularly expect!

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