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Greetings from Teddy

Chow Chow, 1 Year old

🌆 City dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Teddy is...

He always follows me info every room and plonks he’s body where ever I decide to go. He gives so much cuddles and kisses. He loves affection and attention! He is funny every time he wants someone to give him attention and is ignoring him he nibs at our bums. Not biting but In a cute way for us to feel he’s there! My dog is the cutest dog ever! I’m obsessed with him.

The biggest challenge with Teddy is...

Making sure Teddy doesn’t over heat in the hot weather. Other than that Teddy is a very intelligent and good dog!

The most surprising thing about owning a Chow Chow is...

They are very very intelligent they can learn anything you want to teach them within a few hours! Such as ‘paw’ they can learn this in an hour of trainning and Sticks with them forever.

What I wish I’d known about Chow Chows is...

Make sure you have complete and total time for your Chow Chow. They are like having actual babies. They are not like normal dogs. Although very intelligent they need to be cared for like a baby! They have many issues and you need to make sure they have everything correct.

Did you know?

As the Chow Chow has deep set eyes, they have poor peripheral vision so always make sure you approach them from the front.

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