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Get to know Fernie

Dalmatian, 6 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Fernie is...

Fernie is inquisitive and full of fun, she's my heart dog. She is devoted to our family, always tries to please. She is a Champion Dalmatian and Junior World winner, but first and foremost she is our loving pet. She loves exploring the fields and woods, but can be just as contented being in her bed, next to the log fire on cold winter evenings. She's loyal, affectionate and makes friends so easily

The biggest challenge with Fernie is...

The biggest challenge with Fernie is that she's the biggest explorer ever. Whether it be new places, new people, new toys, other dogs, she has an uncanny ability to want to explore everyone and everything. The Christmas tree, presents at Christmas time, people's pockets - she has a desire to check everything out ! Sometimes this can be a trifle embarrassing, especially when your new boss visits!

The most surprising thing about owning a Dalmatian is...

The most surprising thing about Dalmatians is the uniqueness of them as a breed. They are intelligent, loyal and surprisingly intelligent too. They love people and form a strong bond with their owners, they love to exercise and need a good walk everyday, they can go for long distances and have much stamina. They all have a unique spotting pattern, each one is different, no two ever the same !

What I wish I’d known about Dalmatians is...

What I had wished Id known about Dalmatians beforehand is their ability to have an innate curiosity about everything, they love to explore and are inquisitive. That means they are 'busy' dogs in general and like to know what is going on. They also do shed a small amount of white hair, if you are wearing black, velvet trousers, you will end up looking as if it has recently snowed on you !

Did you know?

This may well be the most famous breed of dog in the world, and everyone recognises this tall, elegant, short haired, spotted dog immediately due to both his film appearances and the fact that he is the only truly spotted dog in the canine world. 

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