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Meet Nelson

Dalmatian, 2 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Nelson is...

Nelson is a lovable energetic lad! He sticks to me like glue and is incredibly friendly to everyone. Nelson is incredibly special as when I sustained a leg injury he was the inspiration to keep going with my physio and really made a huge difference in my ability to start walking again and keeps my morale going even at the most challenging times!

The biggest challenge with Nelson is...

His absolute love of cheese and chicken! He loves swiping things off the kitchen side and as a puppy managed to climb onto the work surface to eat some of the fruit that was resting in sherry ready for the Xmas CNN pudding ! A trip to the vets was required. He also pulls like a horse on the lead and wants to run free! Would I change him though…. Huge No!

The most surprising thing about owning a Dalmatian is...

How absolutely energetic they are! They don’t stop and even with four walks a day he still never looks tired. Dalmatians are such gentle giants and so incredibly affectionate!

What I wish I’d known about Dalmatians is...

The amount of exercise they need and they really shed hair everywhere. The hoover gets blocked every day so invest in the best hoover possible and accept wearing black is not a good idea!

Did you know?

These dogs have a natural affinity with horses (from their history as carriage dogs) and that they were well known for running alongside, behind, or even underneath horse drawn fire engines. Not only did they protect the engine from being stolen while the firemen were fighting the fire, they also seemed to give the horses comfort.

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