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Meet Dave

English Springer Spaniel, 5 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children
Dave is a Purina puppy!

Dave is owned by Gemma, Purina's PetCare Team Manager.

Dave was adopted!

My favourite thing about Dave is...

I love everything about Dave. This dog has been to hell and back and still he loves everyone! The fact that a dog can be put through so much by humans and still they choose to snuggle up with you at night on the sofa and regain the trust they never had is just amazing.

The biggest challenge with Dave is...

When I picked Dave up from the center that had been looking after him for the past year following his rescue from a puppy farm, it hadn't even occurred to me that he may not have ever been in a house! It took us half an hour to get him in, and then everything was terrifying. He was shut down, terrified and quiet. He is now coming out of his shell and new challenges arise that we tackle together.

The most surprising thing about owning a English Springer Spaniel is...

Cuddles. Springers know when you need a cuddle and seem to have this sixth sense as to when something is wrong and you need them. We always think of them as being mental (which they are!) but they are also big cuddle monsters who love nothing more than a snuggle on the sofa or under the duvet (yes he is spoilt; he deserves it!).

What I wish I’d known about English Springer Spaniels is...

They can all be different and their upbringing can have a big impact on them. Dave is a cuddle monster like my last Springers but he also likes his own space and tells me when he does. Rescue Springers are brilliant and if you can take the time to work through any issues they may have they make brilliant family pets.

Did you know?

Although originating from the ‘Land Spaniels’ Springer Spaniels are known for their love of water, and love a good swim or just a splash in a puddle or even their own water bowl.

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