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Say Hello to Ellie

French Bulldog, 7 Months old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Ellie is...

She has many funny habits she annoys her older sister another frenchie called lulu her habits of sitting and telling you what she wants ie going out or wanting to play. When she wants to have her tummy tickled she sits in an old man position and then grabs your hand and guides you to where she wants you to stroke then she sits there moving her head side to side mumbling away quite happy

The biggest challenge with Ellie is...

When she and lulu are play fighting and doing zoomies and getting them to stop as they run all over the house but it’s all in good fun and no harm done

The most surprising thing about owning a French Bulldog is...

How friendly they are as a ten minute walk always ends up being a lot longer and how stubborn they are when they don’t want to do anything

What I wish I’d known about French Bulldogs is...

Make sure you go to a breeder and try and pick one with a bit longer nose and look for skin problems they are very needy and love to sit on you all the time and follow you everywhere so lots of patience needed

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