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Hello from Mugly

French Bulldog, 11 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Mugly is...

He’s so gentle, loving, loyal, sensitive, playful, he is my soul dog. People say they are one of the worst breeds to own due to health issues, Mugly is now nearly 12 and we have had very little health issues, same as Baloo his brother who’s an excellent example of how a French Bulldog should look, slightly longer nose, no breathing issues. longevity & health is related to good food & supplements.

The biggest challenge with Mugly is...

No challenges really, they can be very stubborn & vocal but in a funny way. The biggest challenge will be losing him 😔 Mugly can be a bit of a fussy eater but only just recently

The most surprising thing about owning a French Bulldog is...

No surprises really, I did a lot of research in to the breed so was equipt to deal with him. He really is the best boy, nature, loving, very Sensitive which I suppose is a challenge if I'm away for any length of time as he frets.

What I wish I’d known about French Bulldogs is...

Do your research, as to see both parents, don't buy from unethical breeders that are selling dogs that unhealthy & shouldn't be bred, get insurance as they can be expensive if suffer from IVDD of allergies, feed good quality food, not highly processed food that is full of fillers which is most food to be honest. Chicken, Turkey, beef & lamb can all trigger allergies, stick to novel proteins.

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