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Say Hi to Pepe

French Bulldog, 10 years old

🌆 City dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Pepe is...

His great character! Such a funny, wise old man! He’s so loving and his favourite thing is going out with everyone in the household for a walk. If anyone gets left behind, he’s not happy!!! He’s incredibly affectionate and very loyal and always puts a smile on people’s faces. His many talents include playing the piano and having a very vast concept and understanding of human words! He’s the best!

The biggest challenge with Pepe is...

His stubbornness. Frenchies are notoriously stubborn and he will be defiant if he doesn’t want to do something such as walk down a particular road on a walk! He’ll dig his heels in and stop walking which often makes it looklik

The most surprising thing about owning a French Bulldog is...

They can’t swim! Their heavy bodies and skinny legs make them drowning material. Pepe seems to have known instinctively since being a puppy that he can’t swim, so always avoids the water!

What I wish I’d known about French Bulldogs is...

Their intolerance to extreme weather conditions cannot be underestimated and it doesn’t have to be super hot or super cold either. Their short muzzles and small nostrils can make breathing difficult so avoid taking them on walks in hot or very cold weather!

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