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Say Hi to Lady

German Shepherd Dog, 11 Months old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Lady is...

She is incredibly placid, and has been since 8 weeks old. So much so that I have been able to enter her into training to become my assistance dog for bipolar and type1 diabetes. She comes everywhere with me. From camping trips to food shopping in my local Morrisons. That being said, she is still incredibly cheeky and just this evening stole a freshly baked loaf off the kitchen worktop!

The biggest challenge with Lady is...

Barking at my window whenever anyone walks past! I knew they were a territorial breed, but she is EXTRA protective due to our bond with her being my assistance dog. Whenever I am poorly with my bipolar she becomes even more protective, using her body to block the space between me and any person visiting

The most surprising thing about owning a German Shepherd Dog is...

Their loyalty. She once got out my back gate when I forgot to lock it, it swung shut after her so she couldn't get back in. She ran around my block of terraced houses to my front door and sat barking to be let back in. At 7 months old! That and other people's aversion to them. People often take one look at her and pick their dogs up assuming she's vicious, when she's not.

What I wish I’d known about German Shepherd Dogs is...

Lock your phone chargers away! I've lost count of how many chargers she has chewed and destroyed. They're also RIDICULOUSLY intelligent. I crate trained her as a young pup but within 3 weeks she had figured out how to open her crate!

Did you know?

German Shepherds are super intelligent and can learn new tricks and behaviours in only a few repetitions. 

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