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Meet Nia

German Short-Haired Pointer, 6 Months old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Nia is...

Her cuddles, forever smiling and mischievious look in her eyes. Her love of toys and taking the outer skin off tennis balls.

The biggest challenge with Nia is...

Nia loves toilet rolls, tissues and kitchen rolls in fact anything paper related. It’s a never ending job to try to be one step ahead of her. I wish someone would invent sky hooks! 😂

The most surprising thing about owning a German Short-Haired Pointer is...

her cuddles really surprised me. I’ve had several dogs of differing breeds but was totally overwhelmed by her cuddling nature.

What I wish I’d known about German Short-Haired Pointers is...

Her zest for life, from early morning until when she drops at night. She’s continually on the go.

Did you know?

The GSP is one of the versatile Hunt, Point and Retrieve (HPR) breeds and is happy to work on land and water. 

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