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Get introduced to Daisy

Golden Retriever, 5 Months old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Daisy is...

She has extremely affectionate and happiest when she is curled up next to you on the sofa or bed. She is so cheeky and sneaks out of her basket at night into our bed tries to squeeze her way between myself and my fiancée and we wake up to sloppery kisses in our faces! She just loves being amongst family! She is faithful, loyal and happy go lucky. We are truly lucky to have our wonderful girl

The biggest challenge with Daisy is...

She is a typical goldie and a land shark that will eat everything and anything. She is quick though and if she spies an opportunity for food she will take it as my fiancee found to his cost when he left his dinner on when he returned. Boom dinner all gone!

The most surprising thing about owning a Golden Retriever is...

They have no limits for food. They would eat, eat and eat until they popped if you allowed it, they are greedy little pooches and they know how to get second helpings by batting those big brown puppy eyes!

What I wish I’d known about Golden Retrievers is...

Make sure you have or invest in a decent pet vacum as goldies have a double coat and somedays can be hoovering several times a day when they are shedding fur

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