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Get to know Murphy

Golden Retriever, 2 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Murphy is...

Murphy looks at us with adorable brown eyes so lovely he melts your heart but then he’ll wander off and bring his soft bone toy or kong teddy with those eyes and stare at you until you play tuggies.He even barks until you play with him. He’s naughty too he loves sneaking through the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to come and say hello and be with us if we’ve forgotten to lock it - Houdini.

The biggest challenge with Murphy is...

At nearly 40kg Murphy is a large dog even though only 15 months old. The biggest challenge is trying to get him off you when he tries to climb on the settee next to you for a cuddle! He’s not allowed on the furniture. He was caught sat with his dry robe like lord sir pupsolot yesterday!

The most surprising thing about owning a Golden Retriever is...

How muddy they get, how smelly they can get but how absolutely doting they are!

What I wish I’d known about Golden Retrievers is...

Prepare for hair and make sure you regularly groom them from being a puppy so they’re used to it! Also they have very sensitive tummies so don’t mess about with their feed types too much.

Did you know?

Golden Retrievers are said to have extremely soft mouths, so soft in fact that they can carry a raw egg in their mouth without cracking the shell. 

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