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Jack Russell Terrier & Jack Russell Terrier, 8 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
SCRUFFY was adopted!

He came from Warrington Dogs Home .

My favourite thing about SCRUFFY is...

He is a walking GPS H. finds his way when on walks in places he has never been He is somewhat of a legend in our area receiving Christmas gifts for one day medical costs He is highly intelligent and understands much what we say He is extremely protective of females, think he came from an abused home Is an amazing ball player keeping our shop keepers entertained

The biggest challenge with SCRUFFY is...

Getting to trust people and not attacking me if I move wrong by the wife E.g. if she sits on couch and I sit next to her. I must be careful with my hand movement/gestures which he often assesses as threat to her

The most surprising thing about owning a Jack Russell Terrier & Jack Russell Terrier is...

Intelligence and obedience

What I wish I’d known about Jack Russell Terriers & Jack Russell Terriers is...

Need active

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