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Say Hi to Winnie

Jack Russell Terrier & Shih Tzu, 10 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Winnie is...

Winnie loves all people and children. Whilst out walking she will stop and sit by people and look up waiting for contact and especially a friendly stroke. Everyone adores her and falls in love. She’s a super star and completely loved by everyone who meets her.

The biggest challenge with Winnie is...

She sometimes thinks she is a large Rottweiler when confronted with a strange dog. Especially the really large ones. She’s addicted to ball play and will carry on forever.

The most surprising thing about owning a Jack Russell Terrier & Shih Tzu is...

Very friendly, extremely protective of her family. Loves sitting in the car and no problems with long drives. Winnie only barks when protecting the house or garden or car which does not happen very often. I absolutely adore her, she is my best friend.

What I wish I’d known about Jack Russell Terriers & Shih Tzus is...

This is a most loveable,sweet adorable cross. I would recommend this breed to families. Winnie thinks she is a child that has to play with all children and they adore her.

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