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Say Hi to Charlie

King Charles Spaniel, 13 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Charlie is...

His friendly and loving personality The expressions on his face, he can nearly talk to us when he wants something he will tap your foot and walk to his food or water bowl He sits beside the drawer where his treats are kept looking hopeful for an extra treat Nothing Charlie likes more than to cuddle up beside me sometimes he snores which makes us all laugh he is a faithful and loving pet

The biggest challenge with Charlie is...

Charlie hasn’t presented us with challenges he was easy to teach his toilet habits and easy to train to walk in a lead and respond to commands when necessary

The most surprising thing about owning a King Charles Spaniel is...

How much we would fall in love with him and treat him like a member of the family How much he enjoyed exercise and walking especially along the beach

What I wish I’d known about King Charles Spaniels is...

They can have health problems we where lucky with our dog but make sure you know who the parents are and what health concerns there may be before giving your heart

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