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Fall in love with Daisy

Poodle (Toy), 2 years old

🌆 City dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
Daisy was adopted!

She came from Dogs Trust Glasgow .

My favourite thing about Daisy is...

Daisy didn't have the best start in life but now she brings such joy to the service users of our local adult day care centre when we call in to visit. Most of elderly folks were dog owners but due to ill health this is no longer possible so they enjoy talking to Daisy. She sits on their knee and enjoys hugs from the elderly folks and staff alike

The biggest challenge with Daisy is...

She takes up more than her fair share of my bed.

The most surprising thing about owning a Poodle (Toy) is...

Daisy is my 6th poodle but the only one who, when visitors call at our home, shares her treats from her treat ball with each person. If they don't pretend to eat it or they give it back to her she shakes out another treat and hides in in their handbag or pocket

What I wish I’d known about Poodles (Toy) is...

Anyone thinking of owning a poodle ( of any size) really has to be aware that they are super intelligent and thrive on having their brains occupied. Daisy excels at her weekly dog training classes and has passed her medal tests with flying colours and also been awarded a crystal plaque for " Outstanding Achievement " New poodle owners can look forward to having a dog that loves mental challenges

Did you know

Poodles - especially the ones you see in the show ring - seem to have all kinds of crazy hairdos but these often flamboyant-looking styles all started off with a purpose. Poodles were originally water-retrieving dogs but their coats could easily get water-logged and pull them down. The answer was to clip off all their hair but leave some around their vital organs to keep them warm, and around any vulnerable joints to protect from injury.

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