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Meet Flo

Pug, 2 years old

🌆 City dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Flo is...

Her kindness towards other animals, adults and especially children

The biggest challenge with Flo is...

She is stubborn with commands when she gets overexcited

The most surprising thing about owning a Pug is...

Her need to be constantly touching someone, whether it’s leaning against a leg or laying in a lap

What I wish I’d known about Pugs is...

Using a collar instead of a harness sooner so she doesn’t overexert herself until she’s breathless

Did you know

Now one of the most popular companion dog breeds, the Pug was made world famous in the film Men in Black (1997), when Mashu, a rescue Pug, played the part of a wise-cracking alien called Frank. He proved so popular that the character was expanded in the sequel made in 2002, by which time Mashu was seven years old and needed make up to cover his grey hairs! In the film he was even required to wear a $9,000 Italian suit. This popularity hasn’t done the breed any favours however as unscrupulous breeders have capitalised in on this sudden public interest. They are one of the most irresponsibly bred and puppy-farmed breeds, leading to a huge increase in health problems.

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