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Hello from Titan

Pug, 2 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Titan is...

The thing I most love about Titan is that he will follow you every where. If you try getting in the car then so does he. He will just sit down at my side and chill.

The biggest challenge with Titan is...

The biggest challenge with Titan is that he is so food motivated! He will do anything to get to a piece of food whether its a piece of lettuce or a tasty smoked chicken!

The most surprising thing about owning a Pug is...

The most surprizing thing about owning a pug is that they really only need another little pug buddy to keep them company while you gone. As long as they have a friend they are happy.

What I wish I’d known about Pugs is...

I wish that I had known is that pugs shed a ton! The second I reach down to pick up Titan I am instantly coated in dog fur! But you eventually get used to it and keep dog hair rollers around.

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