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Meet Lola

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 11 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Lola is...

She is the most loyal and loving girl. Goofy and silly but will always make you smile. She knows where her treats are and will ensure she gets a hello when you come home, if not you'll get a whale chorus until you make a fuss.

The biggest challenge with Lola is...

Loves everyone and everything! She is extremely happy which can sometimes be too much for others. Even the neighbours cat, who is not a fan of Lola.

The most surprising thing about owning a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is...

They are soft and gentle even with their size. Their faces show emotion and they love their family wholeheartedly.

What I wish I’d known about Staffordshire Bull Terriers is...

They like to chew everything as puppies! Including walls and floors, door frames and lino!

Did you know

Developed originally by James Hinks of Birmingham, this breed was appearing at dog shows as early as 1862. But it wasn’t until the 1930s when it was recognised as being a separate breed from the Bull Terrier and had a name change to distinguish the two, adding the county name where it had become so popular.

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