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Say Hello to Vinnie

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 11 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Vinnie is...

He's such a loving, loyal, caring dog. He's so soft and friendly he wouldn't hurt a fly. He loves children, other animals and everyone he sees. I love staffies as their so loving ❤️ He's always by my side no matter where I go and I'd be lost without him. He was such a good puppy, didn't chew and was house trained really quick but had our older dog to help but he was so good.

The biggest challenge with Vinnie is...

When we're out and he's off the lead he can be a bit ignorant as he's so friendly and wants to greet everyone in sight lol.

The most surprising thing about owning a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is...

How loving they are they have the biggest hearts and so much love to give ❤️ but people think bad of them with all the bad rumours going around about them. But if they've got good owners and brought up right then they can be amazing dogs

What I wish I’d known about Staffordshire Bull Terriers is...

Bring them up right and their amazing pets and will be best dog you could ever get. Last 3 dogs I've had are staffies and it's all I would want if I got any more. They are amazing dogs

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