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Say Hi to Noodles

West Highland White Terrier & Papillon, 16 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Noodles is...

He's my best friend, I've had him since 8 weeks old. He goes everywhere with me, on my body board, kayaking, paddle boarding and even bike rides but he's got to heavy for the basket now. I think he loves anything he does that we do together

The biggest challenge with Noodles is...

He has canine dementia and addison's disease so he tends to forget to wee when on walks and general dementia related things like standing the wrong side of a door that has been in his life the whole time, forgets he's eaten, staring into corners. He's also going blind and deaf but sees and hears important things like cheese wrappers

The most surprising thing about owning a West Highland White Terrier & Papillon is...

He has both kinds of fur, long and kind of rough like a westie and short and fluffy like the papillon. He gets itchy skin so he's kept at a grade 3 length to help and so he's fluffy soft all year round

What I wish I’d known about West Highland White Terriers & Papillons is...

He did have a nasty streak when he was younger, did actually bite me a few times but not badly, he's very stubborn but since being neutered he's improved. Making sure you see both parents temperments might of changed my mind on getting him

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