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Get to know Bruno

Yorkshire Terrier, 1 Year old

🌆 City dog
🍼 Lives with children

My favourite thing about Bruno is...

How he greets me when I come home I get the best smiles, the best kisses and even if I have been down or not feeling great, ( I have Cataplexy) he makes me smile. To be honest he makes almost everyone smile. He has his father's wavy hair, his mother's beauty and nature, he is very loving. We got him after my mum passed to keep my youngest son company but he has been such joy for the whole family.

The biggest challenge with Bruno is...

Honestly if we had Bruno 25 years ago we wouldn't have 5 kids. He sleeps in our room, he has his own bed but he prefers to sleep under our duvet at our feet or between us. Best contraceptive ever invented.

The most surprising thing about owning a Yorkshire Terrier is...

How very clever and quick learners they are, my teenage daughter Lexi is always teaching him something new, and he always picks it up very quickly.

What I wish I’d known about Yorkshire Terriers is...

I wish I'd known years ago that they make such an all round family pet. Mother in law loves sitting with him cuddled on her knee, My husband and I love how he gives us both attention when we really need it. The older kids love how smart he is and how he learns very quick. The youngest loves how he is woke up in the morning by Bruno giving him the biggest, wettest, sloppiness kiss ever.

Did you know?

While the Chihuahua is recognised as the world’s smallest breed, the world’s smallest ever dog was a Yorkshire Terrier who was only 6cm high.

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