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Meet Buddy

Yorkshire Terrier, 4 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
Buddy was adopted!

My favourite thing about Buddy is...

Buddy is a large Yorkshire terrier with a large personality. he loves sprawling out down the garden on the settee so no one else can get on it. when we go to bed he likes to get into the bed while we are doing our teeth. he def thinks he's a human. he has a beautiful smile which he liftsca lip up that my friend calls elvis. he mixes well with other dogs

The biggest challenge with Buddy is...

Getting him up in the morning he loves sleeping in the bed

The most surprising thing about owning a Yorkshire Terrier is...

Buddy is a larger Yorkie and its a dying breed as he's is such a loving dog but out on walks people ask is he a cross bead as he's so tall but we have had a couple of people saying how lovely it is to see the breed as they're parents had one and they're lovely dogs but people now want tiny teacup dogs but bigger dogs can have bigger personality too

What I wish I’d known about Yorkshire Terriers is...

How creaky they can be

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