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Finding a Pet

Getting a new pet is exciting! Whether you need help finding the right breed or name, understanding the costs and benefits, or deciding whether to adopt or shop, we have plenty of expert advice.

Thinking about getting a dog?

Getting a dog

Like all important decisions, doing your homework before taking on a new pup will make sure that you’re choosing the right dog for you and your lifestyle.

Getting a cat

Deciding to get a new cat can raise lots of questions. What breed would you like? Can you handle the challenges of a cheeky kitten, or would a calmer senior cat suit your lifestyle more?

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Getting prepared
The best dog names
If you're looking for the right cat food for your furry friend, we've got something for everyone. From dry food to wet, kittens to golden oldies and complete meals to special diets, browse our range to find something purrrfect for you.
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Getting prepared
The best cat names
When it comes to caring for your cat, you need to get your information from an expert. To see what Purina have to say about cat nutrition, behaviour, development, health and more, explore our articles below.

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Your perfect match
Dog types & guides
Different types of dogs have different needs, so whether you're looking for a hound or a gundog, a toy breed or a terrier, we've got the advice to help you find your perfect fit.
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Your perfect match
Dog breeds
With so many to choose from, finding your perfect canine companion might feel confusing. Our Breed Selector test can match your lifestyle with their needs, or see them all in our Breed Library.
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Purina expertise
Cat types and guides
Looking for a family-friendly feline? Are you set on finding a black cat, or need a hypoallergenic breed? Our guides will help you find the perfect fit.
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Purina expertise
Cat breeds
Owning a cat is hugely rewarding, but it's also a big responsibility. Find out which breed suits your unique lifestyle today with our Breed Selector tool, or browse our Breed Library.
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