About Cats Protection

From humble beginnings in 1927, Cats Protection has become the UK's leading feline welfare charity and helps around 200,000 cats and kittens every year through a network of around 250 volunteer-run branches and 36 centres. Cats Protection's vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Cats Protection has simple and clear objectives to help cats:

  • Rehoming - finding good homes for cats in need
  • Neutering - supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats
  • Education and information - improving people’s understanding of cats

It is thanks to the tireless dedication and hard work of staff and a network of over 11,000 volunteers that the charity is able to be there for the cats and kittens that need it. However, the work doesn’t stop there. Cats Protection also provides an array of cat care information via its publications, website and National Information Line; promotes the benefits of neutering to prevent unwanted litters being born and becoming the abandoned cats of tomorrow, and seeks to inform people of all ages about cats and their care.

How Purina helps

We are proud to support the work of Cats Protection. Each year we supply subsidised food for cats in its centres and branches across the country, helping to ensure a healthy, well-balanced diet for cats and kittens. We also support a variety of awareness and fundraising initiatives, including sponsoring the National Cat Awards.

We also support Cats Protection through running regular integrated awareness and adoption campaigns and via other fundraising activities, including employee volunteering plus sponsorship of promotional/educational materials. We're delighted to have been working with Cats Protection for over 37 years now and look forward to continue supporting them in the fantastic work they do to improve the life of cats throughout the UK.

Richard Howard, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Cats Protection said: “Cats Protection has partnered with Purina for many years and our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Our two organisations fit closely and share the same ambitions for every cat to have a good life - our continued partnership helps us to promote responsible pet ownership and enables us to give thousands of unwanted cats a second chance in life each year.”

How you can help Cats Protection

Cats Protection relies on the generosity of individuals to ensure it can continue its vital work. Here are a few key ways that you can support them:

Cats Protection has lots of cats looking for a loving new home. If you are looking for a feline companion within your local area then please use their Find-a-cat tool to see if there are any cats in need of a new home. Please visit www.cats.org.uk/adopt-a-cat.

If you are not in a position to rehome a cat, then another great way you can help support the charity’s work is by becoming a Cats Protection sponsor. Sponsoring a cat pen with Cats Protection is one of the best ways that you can help, providing cats with shelter, warmth, food, medical care and all the love they need until they find new, loving homes. It's easy to become a sponsor right now, and for as little as 19p a day you can help give cats a fresh start in life. To get started, just choose the cat and pen you'd like to sponsor from the gallery.

There are so many memorable incidents in the life of a volunteer – holding a new-born kitten; reuniting a lost cat and its owner; rehoming your first cat; giving lots of TLC to a poorly cat recovering from life-saving surgery; standing on a street corner in the wind and rain with a charity collecting tin and your best smile; attending outdoor events in the British summer and many, many more but I would not have missed a single one of them.
Julie Seymour, Mid-Warwickshire Branch

Cats Protection

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