Ideas for Pets & Pet Owners

While we are all spending more time at home with our pets, let's keep them active and engaged through games. Bonus - games can also brighten your mood. If you have children at home, help strengthen the bond they share with pets and give them a sense of purpose in these uncertain times by involving them in your pet’s care. New puppy owners can find tips to get through socialisation and training throughout lockdown, and we also help you learn how to tell if your pets are stressed by reading their body language and spotting the signs.

Dog with ball running

Playing With Your Dog

Playing with your energetic dog is an invaluable part of your relationship with them and what’s more, playing together on a daily basis helps both of you stay physically and emotionally healthy – what more excuse do you need?

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happy dog body language

Understanding Dog Body Language

Anyone who’s ever spent time in the company of a dog knows that, just like people, dogs have personalities that are unique to them, and they experience many feelings in exactly the same way as humans and all other mammals.

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Playing with cats

Kitten Play & Toys

Playing with your little kitten is an invaluable part of your relationship with them. What’s more, playing on a daily basis helps both of you stay physically and emotionally healthy – what more excuse do you need?

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cat body language

Understanding Your Cat's Body Language

Whether you’re a first time cat owner or have a long term feline friend, there will be times where you wish you could know what your cat is thinking.

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Woman stroking ginger cat indoors

Training Your Kitten or Cat

Although training is more traditionally associated with dogs, you can also teach your cat a few tricks, too! Your moggy can learn to recognise their name and come to you when you call them. To help your pet pick up these skills, it’s important to train your kitten from an early age and as soon as possible.

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puppy playing games

Brain Games and Puzzles to Play with Your Puppy

Exercising isn't just about daily walks. Discover puppy games that help improve concentration and engage their brain.

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Puppy on a leash going outside

Top Tips for Socialising Your Puppy

There are only certain times during the development of your puppy’s brain when you can help them become a friendly and outgoing companion. This is how to support them during their first encounters with adults, kids, dogs and anything else life throws at them.

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ginger cat eating from bowl

5 Reasons Why Cats Meow

Whether you enjoy a soothing meow every now and then or you’re growing impatient with all your cat’s attempts to make conversation, the reasons why cats meow are just as fascinating as the kittens themselves. Find out more here.

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dog running in the park

5 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Now that your pup knows basic dog training, it’s time to teach them some cool dog tricks! Read our step-by-step article for advanced training top tips.

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ginger kitten playing in box

Mental Stimulation for Your Indoor Cat

Just because cats are now residents of the indoors it doesn’t mean they’re leaving the hunting days behind to turn into couch-potato cats. Healthy cats are physically and mentally active well into their golden years which is why providing the right type of stimulation to your indoor cat is essential.

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Puppy and owner cuddling

Lockdown Coping Mechanisms for You and Your Dog

When we’re looking for coping mechanisms, we have to remember the basics; exactly what we do for our dogs; water, regular meal times, exercise, enrichment, rest… and kindness.

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Kitten watching video

Videos for Cats to Watch

Bring some excitement into your pet’s life with these videos for cats including the all-time favourite mice, birds and squirrels. Don’t be surprised if your cat can’t help but press the subscribe button.

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Child and dog playing

10 Benefits of Dogs and Children Growing Up Together

Dogs and children can be the best of friends when raised together and can offer a number of benefits to each other, including everything from increased playtime to happier mindsets. Read on to find out more about the advantages of dogs and children growing up together.

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dog playing indoors

9 Creative Cat and Dog Enrichment Ideas

Spending lots of time indoors can get boring for all after a while, and that feeling extends to your pets too! That’s why we’ve put together this article to give you lots of handy tips for keeping your cat or dog entertained inside your home.

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Child reading to cat

10 Tips to Keep Cats and Dogs Happy Indoors

Our pets are a saving grace when we’re stuck inside. Their happy wagging tails and sweet purrs offer a welcome pick me up when we’re feeling down, but after a while, they can get bored of being cooped up. We’ve created this guide with our top 10 tips to keep your dog or cat happy indoors.

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Child and cat

Teaching Children to Care for Cats and Dogs

Our pets are our loyal family members and as such, it’s only natural that we want our children to share a strong bond with them too. Find out how to teach children to care for dogs and cats with our guide.

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Supporting Pets in Need - What We're Doing & How You Can Help

At Purina we are proud to support leading pet charities from pet welfare organisations to those promoting pets as practical and therapeutic companions for humans. We remain committed to supporting pets & people in need during these unusual times by providing additional funding to these charities. How are we helping?
•We're donating £50,000 to Cats Protection to help them support the thousands of cats currently in their care, making sure they continue to be looked after, fed and cared for, despite staff shortages and a sudden drop in fundraising income
•We're donating £50,000 to Canine Partners, helping them to support their frontline staff, particularly the Aftercare Team who provide are available 24/7 on the phone to support the partnerships
•£50,000 to RSPCA – supporting the 400 dogs currently in their care
•Euros 20,000 to DSPCA – supporting the animals in their care and volunteers

Want to help?