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StreetVet charity supported with veterinary diets for pets

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Purina Petcare are providing specialist diets food to a charity who support cat and dog owners experiencing homelessness.

StreetVet won Purina’s BetterwithPets Prize last year, and Nestlé’s petcare brand has announced it will continue its work the UK charity, by providing appropriate veterinary diets for dogs and cats who are in need of specialist therapeutic food.

The initiative means that StreetVet vets will be able to recommend any specific Purina veterinary diet to fit the needs of the animal and it will be supplied free of charge for the full time it is needed. StreetVet founder, Jade Statt said the agreement is great news for pet owners experiencing homelessness and the pets they love so much.

Jade Stratt

A pet is sometimes our client’s strongest source of non-judgemental support and unconditional love. By giving fundamental veterinary care we help support that bond and also deliver hope. We’re so pleased to be working with Purina to supply appropriate veterinary diets free of charge for our clients’ pets, knowing that can make such a big contribution to wellbeing and longevity.

Jade Stratt StreetVet Founder

Nathalie Wetherly

Day-in, day-out Jade and the StreetVet team demonstrate true compassion, putting into action a programme that has improved the health of hundreds of pets and showed their owners that they matter too. We’re delighted to be able to continue to support their work, which is built on deep love for pets and belief in the power of the pet-human bond – things we are equally passionate about at Purina too.

Natalie Weatherley Head of Vet Sales

Further information about Purina Veterinary Diets is available here.
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