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Puppy being rescued by RSPCA

Ralph the terrier finds his forever home thanks to the RSPCA’s behaviour team and Purina’s support

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A matted and terrified little terrier who was so shutdown that he spent weeks hiding in his kennel staring at the wall, has finally found a loving new home after being helped by the RSPCA’s dedicated behaviourist team. Ralph is just one of the dogs who has benefited from the special behaviourist care they needed to start their new lives, which Purina is supporting by funding the RSPCA to help provide 101 dogs with behavioural support.

Kennel supervisor Tiffany Saunders said: “When Ralph arrived, he was completely shut down. He would squash himself at the back of his kennel and spent all of his time staring at the wall.

The team spent weeks just quietly sitting in his kennel with him offering him treats." 

"Eventually, he’d come up behind us and take the treats from our hand before running away to the safety of his corner. He wouldn’t eat his dinner until we’d all gone home at night; it was heart-breaking.”
“When he first wagged his tail as we entered the kennel it was so incredible!” Tiffany added.

The team slowly started to introduce Ralph to a harness and lead as he’d never even worn a collar before. Gradually they helped him learn how to meet new people and how to go out on walk. 

Ralph was eventually adopted in June 2021, after he’d spent more than eight months working with the RSPCA’s dedicated behaviour and care teams.

His new mum, Sarah Rix, from Norfolk, said: “Ralph is a lovely little chap who melts the hearts of everyone he meets and is a favourite with all our family especially the grandchildren. He is a very sensitive and gentle character who may never fully escape his history but, every day, he brings love into our home. We feel the day we met him was the start of a wonderful relationship for all of us.”

Ralph rehomed

Tiffany added: “It’s so wonderful to see how well Ralph is now doing in his new home, he’s unrecognisable from the frightened little dog who arrived almost 18 months ago during lockdown. This is what we do this job for, so dogs like Ralph can have the second chance that they deserve.”

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To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care, like Ralph, please visit to donate, or call their donation line on 0300 123 8181.