Imagine a future where pets and people are even better together, and the benefits they offer us are recognised by everyone. A society that celebrates all that they give to us, as well as what we can do for them. From improved healthcare to happier workplaces, there’s so much that we can do for each other – and we want to make it happen.

By committing to do one thing to help people experience the benefits of pets, you can be part of the movement and help us achieve a future where pets and people are better together. You’ll also be joining the well-known and like-minded pet lovers that we’ve invited to share their own promises, to promote the benefits pets have to offer. Watch our video to see pet lover and TV presenter Clare Balding explain more:

Whether it’s leaving out a water bowl for thirsty pets, welcoming them into your business, or pledging to spend more time with pets in your community, your commitment will help to create a future for pets and people to be better together.

We want to collect


commitmentsfrom across Europe

So spread the word to other pet lovers!


Meet the #WeAreBetterWithPets Leaders

Clare Balding

Author and TV Presenter

Lifelong pet lover Clare Balding believes animals enrich our lives, meaning that she’s as passionate about the movement for people and pets to be better together as we are. She has seen first-hand how dogs in schools can improve concentration, confidence and behaviour. Clare believes that calm, well behaved dogs can listen to young children as they learn to read, and help them to keep trying.

Clare’s committed to encouraging pets in the workplace and especially within schools.

Claire Guest

CEO and co-founder of Medical Detection Dogs

Claire Guest co-founded the charity Medical Detection Dogs in 2008. A year later her beloved Labrador Daisy sniffed out her cancer before a diagnosis, further strengthening her belief in the benefits that dogs have to offer us. Claire’s award-winning and ground-breaking work highlights the impact that pets can have, and how they can go beyond being a companion to really change and improve our lives.

Claire has committed to share her story to show how pets can potentially save lives, and continue her work for them to be embraced as a part of modern day healthcare.

Partners Across Europe

Other partners from across Europe have joined us to share their passion for pets and make the #WeAreBetterWithPets movement a reality – read about how they have committed to bringing pets and people together here.

Filippa Lagerbäck

Model & TV presenter

Filippa has made the commitment to raise awareness of how to improve our relationships with pets.

Mike Madrid & Gabriel Garcia

Blogging couple

Having discovered the joy of pet adoption thanks to their own dog Malibu, Mike and Gabriel have committed to promoting the benefits of adoption.

Alma Obregón

Baking enthusiast and marathon runner

Alma raises money for her local animal charity with workshops at her cake decorating school. She has committed to keep doing so, and to encourage others to do the same.

Jana Ina Zarella

TV personality

Jana volunteers as a dog walker at her local pet shelter charity. She’s committed to continue doing so, and to encourage others to join her!

Djibril Cissé

Former professional footballer

Djibril learned the value of pet ownership from his dog Jedi. He’s committed to promote the importance of the special bond pets and people share.

Olga Shelest

TV and radio journalist

Olga has committed to spend more time with her dog Yoshi, and will spread the positive benefits of pet ownership to promote adoption and encourage others to support animal charities.

Clare Balding

Author and TV Presenter

Clare has committed to use her positive experience with pets to encourage workplaces and schools to embrace them.

Purina People: Our Commitments

Everyone who works at Purina embraces a future where pets and people are better together. Here are just some of our commitments to make that happen.

my commitment is to teach my daughter how to look after a pet

Oksana Giltrap

my commitment is to work at home once a week to spend more time with my cats

Hayley Lynch

my commitment is to to help my mum adopt a dog over the summer and help her get the house ready

Lucy Squires

Join in with the movement

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