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Can Cats Eat Sausage?

Can Cats Eat Sausage?

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Sausages are truly a breakfast staple in the UK. Whether they’re loaded into a sandwich or served as an accompaniment to a full English, many of us would consider our breakfasts incomplete without them.

When you’re tucking into this delicious meat, you may find yourself watched by an interested pair of feline eyes. But can cats eat sausage? Is this well-known food safe for felines, or is it best to avoid offering sausages to your cat?

Can cats eat sausage?

We wouldn’t recommend feeding your cat sausage, as this meat is normally processed, and contains seasoning as well as preservatives that could be toxic for your cat. Although cats require meat in their diet, even sausages that are made from meat alone will still be very fatty, meaning that even a small amount of sausage could contain an unhealthy amount of fat for your moggie.

Is sausage good for cats?

No sausages aren’t good for cats because they contain a lot of trans fats, which means they’re not only unhealthy for moggies, but they can also cause digestive issues. Sausages are also typically high in salt, and some sausages also contain sulphites, nitrates, and other preservatives which can be poisonous to cats if ingested.

Another thing to watch out for with sausages is that many will have other ingredients added to them such as spices – which can be poisonous for your cat or cause stomach upsets – as well as onion, garlic and other additives which can also be toxic to cats.

Can I feed sausage to my cat?

If you manage to find a sausage that is made purely from meat (with no added preservatives or seasoning), it’s generally okay to feed a very small piece to your cat – unless your cat has an underlying health problem or is overweight. It’s also a good idea to try and choose a sausage that contains less fat, for example, sausages made using pork alternatives like turkey and chicken.

Choosing the right product can be difficult though, and it’s important to speak with your vet before offering human food to your cat.

Also, make sure you cook the sausages properly, and never serve raw sausages to your cat, as these often contain harmful bacteria, such as salmonella. Additionally, it’s a good idea to cut the sausages up, and only feed your cat one bite-sized piece. Also, remove the casing from the sausage before giving it to your cat, as this can sometimes be stringy, making it hard to chew and swallow, which could lead to choking.

Only ever offer your cat very small quantities of sausages (making sure you get the go-ahead from your vet beforehand) very infrequently, to avoid stomach upset or diarrhoea, and never substitute sausage for part of your cat’s main diet.

And remember to follow the 10% rule when feeding your cat treats, with the other 90% coming from their complete and balanced cat food.

Now you know the answer to “can cats eat sausage?”. Want to find out more about what foods your cat can eat? Learn if cats can eat raw chicken, next.

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