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8 Dog Apps to Keep Your Pet Entertained

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There are so many dog apps out there, it can be hard to know which ones are best suited to you and your pooch. Whether you’re looking for a dog training app, fun dog walks or more, we’ve got them all listed here. Read on to find out which ones you need to try. 

Best dog apps for training and tricks 

Training is a highly important aspect to consider when you get a dog. For some, dog training can feel quite overwhelming. But don’t worry, this is where dog apps come in. They provide you with guides to help train your puppy best, whilst giving you advice on keeping your dog happy whenever they're indoors. Here are our favourites: 


What it does: Puppy training can be quite daunting. Zigzag is an app that sets out training games, schedules and tips and tricks to take the thinking out for you. Not to mention, the schedules are personalised to you, so you know how best to train your new pup. You also have access to their certified dog trainers, 24/7. 

Price: The app is free to download but there are in-app purchases. 


Zigzag – App Store 

Zigzag – Google Play 


What it does: Puppr is an app for dog training that has video guides to help you. There are 70+ easy-to-follow training lessons which range from basic obedience to more advanced tricks. It also has a built-in clicker for training purposes. 

Price: Free but offers in-app purchases. 


Puppr – App Store 

Puppr – Google Play 

Best apps to find dog walks 

Finding a dog-friendly walk destination, and knowing how often you should walk your dog can be a little difficult. There are so many nature walks in the UK where your dog can get plenty of exercise, but which ones are the best? Dog apps for walking can easily help you with this. See below 

Dog Walks App 

What it does: Dog Walks App compiles and curates the best dog walks around England. You can get instant access to 500 walks around England, which have been carefully picked by experts and dog lovers. With every walk, maps, written instructions and all the extra details you need (e.g., parking information and nearest refreshments) are included, so it takes out all the thinking work for you. This dog app is currently only on iPhone. 

For more dog walking tips, read our helpful guide on how to walk a puppy for the first time

Price: Free to download but has a subscription service. 


Dog Walks App – App Store 

Go Jauntly 

What it does: Go Jauntly is a great app for discovering walks around the UK. Within the app, you can see which walks are in your area and suit you best. They even have walking challenges if you (and your pup) are up for a mini adventure. Simply put on your walking shoes, grab your pooch and go! 

Price: Free to download but has a subscription service. 


Go Jauntly – App Store 

Go Jauntly – Google Play 

Dog apps for tracking their lifestyle 

Our lives are so busy, it can be hard to remember everything. Of course, we need to keep on track for our dog’s appointments, vaccines, food intake and more. For these reasons, a dog app might be the perfect solution. Check out some of the apps here: 


What it does: Pet owners can monitor their pet’s wellness, health, eating habits, vaccines and more with DogLog. You can also understand their behavioural trends! There’s in-app photos, notes and reminders, so all your dog’s information is in one place. 

Price: Free to download but has in-app purchases. 


DogLog – App Store 

DogLog – Google Play 

Pup to Date 

What it does: You can easily get organized by tracking your dog’s vaccines, medications, training sessions and more with Pup to Date. This allows you to set a good schedule when you’re training your pup – which is highly important! Pup to Date is currently only on iPhone. 

Price: Free to download plus a 30-day free trial 


Pup to Date – App Store 

Apps for dog sitting, boarding and walking 

If you’re planning on going away without your dog or need short-time dog care, you might be looking for someone to take care of your dog. It’s hard to know who to trust with your precious pooch, so this is where dog apps come in. Take a look: 


What it does: If you need to leave your dog in safe hands, Rover has a range of certified dog walkers, sitting and boarders for you to choose from. Because they’ve been verified before they are listed, you can have peace of mind and trust in them. To add to this, they can send you updates and photos through the app. 

Price: Free 


Rover – App Store 

Rover – Google Play 


What it does: You can easily choose a dog sitter or boarder and choose doggy day care with Pawshake. Find an experienced and reliable dog sitter from anywhere in the UK! 

Price: Free to download. You only pay for the sitter you choose. 


Pawshake – App Store 

Pawshake – Google Play 

Disclaimer: always be vigilant when handing your dog over to a stranger. It’s important to do thorough research and build a trust with a dog sitter, walker or boarder. 


We hope this guide on dog apps was helpful! As you can see, there’s basically a dog app for everything – which definitely makes your life a lot easier. Next, explore some fun outdoor dog games for you and your pooch. 

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